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Bendigo Security


  • 24 hour back to base A1 graded monitoring.
  • 24 hour alarm response and patrols.
  • 24 hour emergency technical service.
  • Qualified, Police checked Tradesmen (all with Uniform and identification).

24 hr back to base A1 graded monitoring:

What is back to base monitoring?

When your security system is monitored, any alarm activations are automatically sent to the monitoring centre, who will action the alarm to your requirements. This can include contacting yourself, contacting another nominated party or dispatching a Patrolman to investigate the alarm.

Bendigo Security Pty. Ltd. uses a Victorian A1 graded monitoring centre who complies with Australian Standard AS2201.2, to monitor all alarm activations for both domestic and commercial clients.

What does A1 graded mean?

Monitoring centres (control rooms) are graded based on their internal security, monitoring system integrity and their response times.

Building services and construction are graded from A to C, whilst operation, staff and equipment are graded from 1 to 3. Therefore, a monitoring centre graded at A1 is most resistant to attack and has the best performance.

Many insurance companies specify that the monitoring centres used by their clients, must be A1 graded to ensure optimum security.

Bendigo Security ensure optimum security by using an A1 graded monitoring centre.

24 hour alarm response and mobile patrols:

What is 24 hr alarm response?

24 hour alarm response is when the monitoring centre dispatches a Patrolman to investigate an alarm activation.

A licensed Patrolman in uniform and carrying identification, will attend any alarm activation, any time of day or night.

What is mobile patrols?

Mobile patrols is when the client requests a Patrolman to perform random checks on their premises throughout the night and weekend.

Other services a Patrolman can offer are:

  • Static Guards
  • Cash pick ups
  • Guard escorts

Bendigo Security can arrange any Patrol services you require.

24 hour emergency technical services:

Bendigo Security Pty. Ltd. offers a 24 hour emergency technical service to all our monitored clients.

Our phone number is always diverted to a local on call Technician (out of business hours), 7 days per week, for any of your technical emergency services.

Our personal service extends beyond trading hours and we encourage our clients to ring in an emergency, ensuring their property is always secure.

Qualified, Police checked Tradesman (all with uniform and identification):

Do you need to hold a Victorian Private Security registration to install and maintain a security alarm?

In accordance with the Victorian Police Private Security Act 2004, any individual who advises, installs, repairs, services or maintains any security equipment (including alarms, access, and camera systems) needs a Private Security individual registration.

This registration ensures the following:

The advisor / Technician is police checked and has no criminal history which would interfere with his/her occupation.

Your security advisor / Technician will collect and have access to sensitive information about the security arrangements of your premises, it is therefore, imperative that all staff are registered and police checked.

The Victorian Police Private Security Act 2004, also rules, all business are registered and licensed.

This registration ensures the following:

  • All Directors of the company are police checked.
  • All Directors of the company are of suitable character to hold a registration / licence.
  • The business has adequate insurance cover.

For further information on the Private Security Registration and its requirements, click here.

Do Technicians need to be qualified?

All Technicians that work in conjunction with Telephone cables (monitored alarm systems) are required to hold an ACA cabling licence.

Our Technicians are all qualified in this field and have further qualifications including: Completed Trade certificates, Occupational Health & Safety construction industry cards and in depth industry training on various types of security systems.

Any Bendigo Security Technician that attends your site will be in full uniform and carry the following registration, licence and identification.

  • Private Security Registration.
  • ACA cabling licence.
  • Bendigo Security Identification card.